FYI Where I have been, I’m BACK!

This is my 18-year-old granddaughter Jordyn Lynn. While she was in Wisconsin visiting family, she collapsed at my son’s home; by the time rescue arrived, she no longer had a heartbeat or breathing. Long story short, she had two pulmonary embolisms one in each lung, and even with ED’s best try after the hour, she was declared dead.

Jordyn Lynn is a granddaughter who had been living with me and her whole life, we were very close, so this was a crushing blow. She had within one month graduated high school, turned 18, and signed up for college to become a nurse like me. It was 25 days after her 18th birthday; she was gone, her life was only beginning, and now we have nothing. The funeral was six days later in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It took all I could do to make all the arrangements with help from family and a few good friends.

It has taken me quite a few months to get myself somewhat back together. Every day is challenging, and still, lots of tears are shed but getting back to the business of teaching and selling Stampin Up! Sorry I was gone so long. Jordyn was the light of my life, and my reason for living was not so easy to get over that loss. I do want to thank any of you that gave to the go-fund-me page. We were able to provide Jordyn with a beautiful funeral which would not be possible without all of the help.

Hugs, Donna lee