About Me

My name is Donna Lee Roeder.

I started scrapbooking and stamping when I was in high school (let’s not give those years) with much fewer supplies than one can get now. I returned to scrapbooking with my first child in 1981 and have never stopped, giving me over 50 years of experience. I have always loved the joy of creating a new card or scrapbook page and then seeing it finished.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan but moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin when I was twelve. I remained living there until I retired from a long career as a bachelor’s degree Registered Nurse in emergency medicine. To start this new phase of my life, I moved to Mesa, Arizona along with my daughter and her two kids. I have three children… Jonathan (37), Brandon (34) and Crystal (33). I also have my greatest joy 5 grandchildren…. Jordyn , Kaitlynn, Myla, Leah and at last a grandson Drewe among all these princesses.

I did home shows with Stampin Up for six years but found it was too hard with my job in nursing management. I am so thrilled to be able to say I am with Stampin Up again and can’t wait to share loads of ideas with you. I will be glad to share how to make both cards and scrapbook pages. I am very passionate about paper crafting and stamping while showing everyone from beginner’s to seasoned crafters. I know anyone can do this, I believe in all of you.

I will be running most of my Stampin Up business online and look forward to all the relationships and friends from around the country I will have.

I will be providing online classes, fee newsletters, handmade thank you cards for each order and tutorials to show my appreciation. You, my customers, will always be the most important part of my business.

Love, Donna Lee

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